SystemRescueCD 6.1.x and SSHD

SystemRescueCD is an amazing tool that packs a myriad of admin stuff. The usage I give it the most are:

Data Transfer

This is the one that brought me to this post. It’s very easy to spin up SystemRescueCD on any machine and you’ll get a full sshd server to connect to.

On recent editions of SystemRescueCD iptables is started by default, so you have to stop it (or configure it to accept connections on port 22), before connecting to the sshd server.

Data Rescue:

Being the “tech-guy” I get around 20 HDDs per year that need saving. They range from the PCB that fried – something very common on external drives with soldered USB, to SATA disks that were broken due to a fist tantrum – pandemic was prolific on those!

  • ddrescue
  • testdisk
  • photorec

Disk Cloning:

There has been a lot of switching from HDDs to SSDs. Cloning the old HDD to the new SSD using ddrescue is trivial. Sometimes the new disk is larger than the old one. When that happens you get space that does not show on the primary partition. There is nothing preventing you from formatting the extra space as a new partition but I generally prefer to expand the existing partition to use the full space.

  • gparted

I will cover some of these tools more extensively later but for the time being just wanted to drop the info on configuring iptables on SystemRescueCD.


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