LG Washer keeps dropping wifi connection, solved!

After a dreadful experience with a Bosh dishwasher and a great with an LG Refrigerator, when it came to upgrade my clothes washer, I went with the LG F4DV910H2. The machine is a thorough cleaner but there is a nasty bug that I suppose affects all washers in the F4DV series. Wifi drops and will not reconnect.

It’s like your grandma, great with the clothes, terrible with wifi

After some trial and error I found that:

a) the network card overflows when there’s too much traffic on the LAN

b) on reboot, falls back to

Given this you have two options:

1) put the washer in a private VLAN

2) reserve the IP to the washer on your DHCP server

Do notice that optionĀ 1) is way more elegant as if there is noise on the network the wifi card will keep overflowing and rebooting thus making the machine pretty unstable. It’s perfectly doable that the card will not be online to alert you when a cycle ends.

There has been debate LG forums, with very detailed explanations.

My home network would probably be on the busy end of the spectrum as I have more than 40 devices constantly on, but if account for IoT boom (thermometers, appliances, lightbulbs, etc) and take into consideration the expected lifetime of the machine, this is quite a big bug on LG.

I honestly hope they get their hands on it and fix it. If not, at least you know there’s a way out. I have had my machine running happily for over a month.

Not a single disconnect.

I call it the hermit washer.