Some years ago I was playing with datasets that had massive discrepancies. As the report was text-only, I didn't have graphs to serve as a crutch, and so had to think of something else.


We tend to be very good at interpreting things we have a direct correlation with. A time interval, as long as it's within our life expectancy, is a very solid metric.

Assuming we're dealing with monumental numbers, millions and billions, we can assume the millisecond to be a proper base.

description number number in time
Average US salary 40,000 40 seconds
A million dollars 1 million 17 minutes
Chuck Norris net worth 70 millions 19 hours
Tesla investment in BTC 1.5 billions 17 days
Jeff Bezos net worth 193 billions 6 years
Apple market cap 2 trillions 64 years

Check your own net worth:

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Beelions! :) When I returned from holiday to find a beehive between the glass and the window shutter.